Moien! I’m Anne, your Luxembourgish language coach. 

Thank you for signing up for this course. 

Two of my biggest passions are the Luxembourgish language and sharing this language with others. 

I really enjoy helping and teaching motivated students learn how to:

  • best learn Luxembourgish 
  • better understand spoken Luxembourgish 
  • improve their current language knowledge 
  • gain confidence in speaking 

So I'm really excited to share with you various resources, tips and strategies to help you speak more confidently in Luxembourgish and ensure you are best prepared to take the Sproochentest’s Oral Exam, successfully

This is a self paced course and you have 12 months access to it all the study materials and the listening comprehension module 

Why have I created this course? 

I suppose that your goal is to pass the Sproochentest the first time, right? 

Well, did you know that a score of 50% or more on the oral exam means you’ve passed the whole Sproochentest!? YES! And that’s the reason why I want to help any motivated candidate /student with a level A2 to be best prepared to sit this Oral Test successfully. 

Over the years I have successfully prepared many candidates for the Sproochentest. Along the way I’ve devised tips and strategies that help you prepare all fifteen topics and actual questions you will encounter on the Oral Exam.

What will you learn in this course? 

In Module 1, you’ll learn the practicalities : how the exam is structured, the procedure of taking the exam and how the examiners will evaluate your Luxembourgish. 

In Module 2 I’ll share with you my strategies and tips on how to best describe a picture in less than 5 minutes. Being able to verbally describe a picture is an important part of the Oral Test. 

In Module 3 & Module 4 you’ll learn to talk about any given topic which is likely to come up on the test. I'll  provide you useful vocabulary that will help you speak with ease and confidence. 

You will also learn how to create and practice your own answers to the questions the examiner may ask you. 

But keep in mind it’s also very important for you to understand the examiner’s questions

So we'll look at the different types of questions that are likely to come up for all of the topics. 

How to use the course?

The materials for the course are available both on and offline. Upon registration, the course materials will be available to you via both the Teachable website and app which you can download onto your smartphone or tablet allowing you to work anywhere and at any time. 

But I appreciate that some folks still like to turn pages so we have a pdf version which is available for free to registered students.  If you are interested in the PDF version, please reply back and I will send it by Wetransfer asap.

Sou lass…..let’s get started…

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